Shiv Shakti Kul is a Universal Spiritual Fraternity founded by Advaita Vedanta Acharya Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvara Chaitanyaji hailing from the philosophical tradition of Jagadguru Bhagavan Shri Aadi Shankaracharyaji.

Upasana : Ishta Anugraha

Jnaana : Ishta Jnaana, Aatma Jnaana.
Upasana : Ishta Anugraha
Upasana means worship of Ishta Deva. Every individual has different Ishta Deva according to her or his gunas. Worshiping the God in a form is called Saguna Upasana. All this world is created from three basic Gunas : Satva Guna, Rajas or Rajo Guna and Tamas or Tamo Guna.

Svarupa of a God, means deity or picture or the form of a God is also depicting the combinations of Trigunas as us, the human beings. Every human being has different ratio of the combination of these three gunas. Someone has more Satva and someone can have more Rajo or Tamo guna. This is not about a bad person and a good person.

This indicates the formation of the person's physical body, subtle body and mind (Manasa). Based on this the she or he can have inclination of a particular form of the God. A capable Guru guides his disciple according to the combination of the Tri Gunas towards a particular form of God's worship. This form is considered the sadhaka's Ishta Deva and Ishta Devi.

According to which the method of Upasana (worship) differs. Even the mantras are also given according to the combination of Trigunas of a sadhaka. When the Sadhaka performs Upasana as guided by the Guru, she or he obtain Anugraha (mercy) from the Ishta. Which helps him to go into the next stage of sadhana. Which is Jnaana, the Knowledge.
Jnaana :
With the Anugraha of Ishta the sadhaka obtains Jnaana. First the Jnaana abou the Ishta Deva and Ishta Devi. Sadhaka understands, realizes the actual form of Ishta. In reality every form of of Gods represents Para BrahM and Para Shakti.

In reality both are beyond any forms and definition. But with Svarupa Jnaana the sadhaka starts to understand the formless, Niraakaar Para BrahM and Para Shakti. This intensifies the Sadhaka's Upasana.

Now Upasana is not just some outward rituals or following some disciplines but it becomes more intense with the connection and mercy of the Ishta. This leads the sadhaka towards the experience of realizing the Nirguna Svarupa, the formless entity of the highest one. And as a result of meditating and worshipping the formless She or He rises to realize her or his own self. Which is called Aatma Jnaana.

The path of sadhana is from Saguna Upasana to Nirguna Upasana.

Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvara Chaitanyaji
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