All Russia Congress Of Advaita Vedanta 2009


All Russia Congress Of Advaita Vedanta, year 2009,

commenced from 22nd July at Cultural Centre of Meridian, Moscow, Russia.


Shiv Shakti Kul is being represented to the conference by Brother Shiv Aashraya, Sister Shiv Sharanya, Sister Shiv Ragini  & Sister Devi Datta.


 On 23rd July, 2009 at 11.00 am an introductory class of Naad Dhyanam (Meditation in tune with BrahM Naad “AUM” ) was conducted at the “Hall Of Masters Classes” of Cultural Centre Of Meridian,  with great appreciation by the participants. Sister Shiv Sharanya gave an introductory speech about Shiv Shakti Kul.  After that message for the participants from Guruji Shri Shriyogesvara was conveyed by Sister Shiv Ragini.  Brother Shiv Aashraya conducted the Naad Dhyanam  class. The session was concluded with questions and answers.


After the session the delegates of Shiv Shakti Kul did the divine work for Shiv Shakti Consciousness Awakening by conducting personal level conversations and distributing literature.


Message from Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvara

 Aum Para Brahmane Namah.

Offering my Pranams to  Advaita  Atman, appeared here in various chariots of Panch Mahabhutas.     

 Sarvam Khalu Idam BrahM, Tajjalaniti Shant Upasit.

Atha Khalu Kratumayaha Purusho Yathakraturasminlloke

Purusho Bhavati Tathetaha, Pretya havati Sa Kratum kurvit   

(Chhandogya Upanishad Adhyaya :3 Kahand :14, Verse01)

The whole world is BrahmaN because this world manifested from BrahmaN, will dissolve in BrahmaN and Dwell in BrahmaN. Thus, after knowing this truth, one should peacefully worship BrahmaN.  Because a man evolves in to what he desires in his life and also life after. Means a man obtains another birth on the basis of his desires. He never obtains complete salvation  from the cycle of life and death.

As Param Pujya Shri Bhagavat Paad  Shankaracharyaji rightly said, in Charpat Panjarika Stotram that is popularly known as Bhaja Govindam :

Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam

Punarapi Janani, Jathare Shayanam

Again and again taking birth, again and again facing death,

Again and again sleeping in the womb of Mother....

A very painful process indeed.  The only solution is to obtain Moksha, complete  freedom from this cycle.

How to obtain Moksha?

The only way to obtain Moksh is realization of Advaita. Non Duality of Atman (that resides in to our Panch Koshatmak  material existence) and BrahmaN, the all pervading absolute.

 Actual spiritual  journey begins with the question,” Who am I?”.

When disciple asks  this question  to Guru, a Guru who has realized Advaita. The Guru tells “Tattvamasi”, You are That (BrahmaN). This is called Paroksh Anubhuti, indirect experience. This is the actual beginning. From  Parokshanubhuti to Aparokshanubhuti, that is self experience is the journey of spiritualism.

Our total existence is made of five Koshas, layers you can say. Explaining in detail will take lot of time so I explain this in nut shell. 

Our body, the outer Sheath, is made of Anna(Food). This is the first layer called Annamaya Kosha. Second is Pranamaya Kosha, the layer of Prana, Air. Third is Manomaya Kosha.The layer of Mind. Fourth is Jnana Maya Kosha. The layer of knowledge. The fifth layer is Anandamaya  Kosha. The layer of Ananda, divine joy, Bliss. And in this dwells Atman.

Your journey begins from first layer. You have to overcome the attachment to each of these layers. The best method to do this is  mediation. Meditation accompanied by a disciplined life style. Detachment or working without expectations in our day to day life will help a lot. The fundamental cause for all kind of distresses is our expectations. With expectations we bind our ego. This worsens the condition. With help of a Guru one can learn to live life without any expectation or at least with minimum expectation. Take my word, you leave expectations and you will not only get rid of unnecessary tensions but also gain more than you can expect from life.

 Meditation is not mere concentration. Mediation is not  a process just to observe and analyze our inner self. Meditation is the process of gradually getting detached from each of these layers.

For the students of higher level of  Sadhana meditation is taught in quite a complex manner. I have seen many people who tried and failed to meditate because of their life styles as well as social & economical situations.    

 There has always been a need for a simple but very effective method of mediation. A method that can improve your mental level of peace as well  as take you to higher levels of Sadhana. During my meditations I heard some divine music. And the single syllable Maha Mantra called Pranava, Udgith, Sphota. We also call it BrahM Naad. The sound of BrahmaN.  AUM. From my experience I have derived a method of meditation which is much easier but very effective. This method is NAAD  DHYANAM.

 In this there is an effective blending of BrahM Naad with music which depict the celestial happenings at the time of the creation. It begins with the silent presence of BrahmaN and then the blast of AUM , the first manifestation of BrahmaN in the form of sound, Shabda BrahM “AUM”.  Then the dance of creation by Prakruti with the rhythm of the divine instrument Pakhaavaj. Just let yourself flow with the music and you will start experiencing the world within yourself. All you need is to sit with eyes closed in Dhyana Mudra. Regulate your breathing and here you go. This specially designed music will give you a great help  to  go deeper in to self and with regular practice you will be able to separate all your layers and penetrate deeper and deeper in to self.

 Of course this will not directly take you to BrahM Jnana, but surely can take you to a condition of Bliss... an experience that is sought by all.


Aum Namah Shivaaya.