From Camera to Consciousness


Before May 2003 I was a different person. Everything changed. My attitude towards life. My attitude towards God.  My attitude towards my own self.

In the May 2003 I met a renowned film maker of my city. I was just 22 and had no direction to perceive a career. During my very first meeting I got attracted to him. Something in his personality pulled me like a magnet. I wanted to meet him again soon, but after a few days I met with an accident.  This accident put me out of action for a small period of time. And when I recovered I got a message from the one whom I wanted to meet again so eagerly. Yes, I was called again for some job. And I started working with him.

As I got closer the magnet turned out to be more and more powerful and ultimately I surrendered completely to him accepting him as my Professional Teacher. And during this period one more aspect of this film maker got unfolded to me. His spiritual knowledge and capabilities were still not known to many as he used to keep it very private and personal. I was perhaps the first one who got so close to him from his professional circle, and unknowingly my spiritual journey began.  

I donít know how I started to chant Mantras, read Stotras & other Scriptures, meditation and performing every day Puja. All these things happening in a film makerís office.  Playing stotras and Aarati on the PC for film editing  was a routine.  I observed him in press conference for his films as a director and I saw him sitting in meditation at office. Initially it looked impossible to cope with. But gradually I realized that here I was learning the method of balancing Spiritual & Material life. I found him totally detached and peaceful when  there were some problems, solving them without getting  affected mentally,  and saw him showering love on me and others with total commitment, anyone can get easily attached to him. He values relationships. For him relationship is not a hurdle on the path of spiritualism but having loved ones is a gift from God that must be honoured.

Today when I hear him preaching philosophy as a Guru I realize that the Guru was always there in the film maker, but only maintained silence. His philosophy reflected in his way of working.

Today I lead a life of Sadhika under his guidance and realize that the almighty God brought me un to the shelter of my Guru through the path of professional career. I offer my hearty Pranams and Gratitude to Bhagavan Shri Shivji and Maa Shri Adi Shakti for blessing me with such a Guruji.

I am not a self realized person, but for me he is BrahmN in the form of Guru.  I offer my gratitude unto the lotus feet of my Pujya Pad Shri Guruji, Shri Shriyogeshji.