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Dash Maha Vidya

The Knowledge about  The Ten Supreme Forms Of Energies

To describe Dash Maha Vidya or The Knowledge about The Ten Supreme Forms Of Energies with few words is impossible. This is only an effort to give an introductory know how about Dash Maha Vidya.

 Niraarakaar (Formless) and Nirguna (Virtue less) BrahmaN displays Himself in the form of Maha Devi Aadi Shakti who does the creation and administration of all we see.  Maa Aadi Shakti is manifested in 10 major forms in the process of Creation, Administration and Destruction of this world, this Universe. These Ten Goddesses are known as Dash ( Ten ) Maha Vidya (Supreme Knowledge Of Shakti The Governing Energy).

These Maha Vidyas are known as

Shri Kaali Maa Shri Kaali Maa Shri Tripur Bhairavi Maa

01. Shri Kaali Maa

06. Shri Tripur Bhairavi Maa

Shri Tara Maa Shri Dhumavati Maa
02. Shri Tara Maa

07. Shri Dhumavati Maa

Shri Chhinna Masta Maa Shri Bagala Mukhi Maa
03. Shri Chhinna Masta Maa

08. Shri Bagala Mukhi Maa

Shri Shodashi Maa Shri Maatangi Maa
04. Shri Shodashi Maa

09. Shri Maatangi Maa

Shri Bhuvaneshwari Maa Shri Kamala Maa

05. Shri Bhuvaneshwari Maa

10. Shri Kamala Maa


These Ten Maha Vidyas are categorized in to three groups mainly by the nature of the respective Goddess.

Soumya Koti  ( Soft Category )



Shri Shodashi Maa (Shrimat Tripur Sundari)

  Shri Bhuvaneshwari Maa  

Shri Maatangi Maa 


Shri  Kamala Maa


Ugra Koti  ( Aggressive Category )



Shri Kaali Maa 

  Shri Chhinna Masta Maa  

 Shri Dhoomavati Maa


Shri BagalaMukhi Maa


SoumyoGra Koti  ( Soft Aggressive Category )

: Shri Taara Maa
  Shri Bhairavi Maa

You must remember that Sadhana of any of these Ten Maha Vidyas must be done under the guidance of a proper Guru.  Only by reading books and mantras it is not possible to do Sadhana (Practice) of any of these ten Maha Vidyas. Initiation from a proper Guru is must. For those who live in society, have families to take care of, I suggest not to do Sadhana of Ugra or SoumyoGra categories. On many web sites and in many books different mantras of these Maha Vidyas  are given which  are actually forbidden to practice without a Diksha ( Initiation ) and Guidance of a proper Guru. You may browse through this section for basic information but do not try to practice any of these Maha Vidyas without the guidance of a Guru. Do  not put the pictures of these Goddesses in your Altar if you are not initiated by a Guru of that particular Maha Vidya. May Maa Aadi Shakti Bless You.

- Guruji Shri Yogesh