For the first time the festival dedicated to Bhagavan Shri Ganeshji was celebrated at Odessa, Ukraine by the dedicated and devoted disciples Kumar Sharan and Shiv Anurag. Kumar Sharan initiated for Shri Ganesh Upasana and Shiv Anurag the Principal Disciple created Parthiva Murti (Deity from Soil) and consecrated on Shri Ganesh Chaturthi (3rd September 2008) . Following the tradition widely observed in India by millions these two devotees worshipped Shri Ganeshji for twelve days and on Ananta Chaturdashi (14Th September 2008) they did the Visarjana Ritual at the ocean. Shri Ganesh Utsav (Festival) observed in the month of Bhadrapada, the 11th month of Hindu Lunar Calendar. From the Fourth Day (Chaturthi) of Bright Fortnight to the Fourteenth Day (Chaturdashi) of the same.

Shiv Anurag preparing Modaka for Prasadam


Worshipping Shri Ganeshji : Kumar Sharan ( Left and Centre) and Shiv Anurag (Right) worship Shri Ganeshji