Author : Shiv Sharanya


The Spiritual Beacon

“Those who are sitting on the tree of world will surely fall in Hell. I bow unto Shri Guru,  who can save and uplift all ( from falling down in the hell).”    (Guru Geeta. Verse 41) 

From sanskrit language the word “Guru” is translated as “a person who removes darkness and brings light into life’.

Guru is not just a teacher, Guru is also the best friend for disciple. In the life of Sadhaka Guru is the most important person after parents. Guru gives second birth – spiritual birth to person who is searching Absolute Truth.  

In the Aapastambgrah Sutra it is said:

“The mother and father give birth to physical self. It is the Guru who gives true birth. Wise people call it a special birth.  

Wise people say that without Guru nobody can be successful in his spiritual life.

Мудрые люди говорят, что без Гуру никто не может добиться успеха в своей духовной жизни.

 People with spiritual experience and wisdom say that success in spiritual life is not possible without a Guru.

“Without guidance no one can swim across the vast ocean-like life. One may be a creator like Brahma or destroyer like Shiv, yet to understand one’s mind and feeling, and rise above one’s beliefs, one definitely needs Guru to direct to the right path”.

 Explaining importance of the Guru, Shivji tells Parwati:

“Devi! A person may be ascetic, very knowledgeable, an aristocrat or a mixture of all, yet if he does not have a Guru or is not devoted to his Guru, his wisdom is meaningless. His knowledge, aristocracy and penance may win him popularity. But it will bear no fruit. A depraved person becomes respectable when he offers his wood-like sins to the fire-like devotion of the Guru. However, when an unbelieving knowledgeable person does not accept the divinity in the Guru, such person can not be revered”.

In Guru-Gita Shivji says to Parwati:

Atrinetrah Shivah Sakshat DvibahuschaHarihi smrutah,

YoAchaturvadano Brahmaa ShriGuruhu Kathitah Priye .

( Guru Geeta, Verse 48 )

“O Dear, Guru is Shiv with two eyes, Vishnu with two hands and Brahma with one head”.

MantraRajmIdam Devi GururItIAksharDvayam,

SmrutiVedPurananam SaramEv Na Sanshayah.

( Guru Geeta, Verse .214.)

 “From mantras with two letters the best mantra is GuRu,

there is no doubt it is the extract of Smriti, Vedas and Puranas”.

Qualities of Guru are described very good in Guru-Gita.

BrahManandam Paramsukhadam Kevalam JnanMurtim

Dvandvatitam Gagansadrusham TattvamasyadiLakshyam,

Ekam Nityam VimalmAchalam SarvadhiSakshibhootam

Bhavatitam TrigunRahitam Sadgurum Tam Namami .

(Guru Geeta Verse 54)

Note: This Shloka (Verse) is a salutation offered to the Guru’s subtle form – the self realized soul in Guru. Not the physical form of Guru.

 I bow unto the Guru who is (engrossed in to) BrahmAnandam (the eternal joy of BrahmaN), who is the giver of eternal happiness, who is purely the idol of the knowledge (BrahM Jnana), who has beyond the illusion of duality, who is all pervading like sky with his Atman, he is the goal of “Tattvamasi” and other great sentences (because He is one with BrahMan), He is the only one, pure, constant, witness of all intelligence, above all emotions, free from three Gunas (Satva, Raja, Tama).

Guru is the one who takes the responsibility to guide the disciple to achieve his spiritual goal. Guru is the one who has known the Absolute Truth and capable of guiding others on the path of self realization. Preaching of Guru is not merely some knowledge from books, it is his own experience.

There are a lot of different Gurus now in the world and sometimes very difficult to make choice between many Gurus. First of all feeling of accepting certain Guru should come from inner inside, not because some outside influence or fashion. There are a lot of Gurus, but to find your own Guru is a very good luck. Guru should be the one with whom you can communicate with ease and comfort.

A real Guru is a Friend, Philosopher and Guide in true sense.

 Relationship between Guru and Shishya (disciple) is very sacred. Guru is not just a spiritual teacher and guide; he is also the best friend and father for his disciples. Wife of Guru becomes mother “ Guruma “  for his disciples. And all disciples of one Guru are brothers and sisters. It becomes a spiritual family in real sense. They share the feelings of love, respect, help and thankfulness. Relationship of Guru and Shishya can not be limited by time and distance. There are some instances when Guru helps disciples in their spiritual growth, in their sadhana, even after leaving his mortal body.  Disciple’s attitude towards the Guru must always be polite, humble and full of gratitude. Even if the disciple grows up spiritually higher than his Guru, he should not change his attitude towards his Guru. He must always be polite, humble and full of gratitude as ever.

There is a very famous verse in Hindi :

Guru Govind Dono Khade, Kake Lagu Paay?

Balihari Gurudev Ki, Govind Diyo Milay .

Guru and Govind ( Shri Krishna, The God Himself ) both are standing in front of me, whom should I bow to first?

( of course Guru because ) it is the grace of Guru that I have been able to meet Govind.

-By Shiv Sharanya