author : Shiv Asharaya


My offering to feet of my dear PujyaPad Guruji Shri Yogesh

On Guru Purnima 18 Jul, 2008

I went alone in darkness of ignorance of my mind. I didnít see road and guiding lines. All my path was sown of thorns of pain of my mind and obstacles growing up from lack of knowledge. But my Mother and Father were merciful to me. And suddenly dazzling light has shined in this impenetrable darkness. And this light was so bright that has forced out darkness from my consciousness. This light was dazzling but it didnít burn. It was light of love, and it bathed me with its waterfall, has become part of me, allowed to me to feel this endless oneness of love. And inside me tiny tongue of flame of this dazzling radiance was born. As if my eyes have opened, and on my path of my dull foolishness my Guruji have become light of guiding star in darkness of ignoranceís night, surrounding me, and I could to continue my path.

On way by road of moon light towards radiance of Eternity only presence of Guruji makes possible this road, done from light of material moon, and steps on this road. His invisible presence supports, doesnít give to die away to tiny weak dot of light of love, which is awaken in my consciousness, shy radiance of inside light in circle of the universeís darkness. What does hold in tornado of temptations, which are trying with rash blasts to blow out tiny flame of knowledge? What did become indestructible dam, stopping huge wave of doubts, which is ready to destroy inceptive sparkle? What did become a shield from pride which is like mountain landslide is trying to fill up, to bury this inner light? What did become that indestructible barrier on the path all absorbing conflagration of passions? What did become invisible armor gathered around my mind from all influences? What does protect this sparkle of love? My Guruji. His inflexible will, like indestructible wall, gathered around weak glimmer of tiny fire of love and knowledge inside me. Even just only one remembrance about my protector is able to defend me on this path.  

Step by step, like small child, hand in hand, my Guruji leads me, lifts me up on unattainable heights towards the light of morning star. Directions of my Guru on my path are like stone Chintamani. How other jewels can be compared with them? Words of my Guru are able to open any gates, which are shutting my path tightly. By strength of His words the death is beaten.  

How can I thank Him for this? Neither any glory nor any riches, jewels, things, treasures of the world, nothing is able to be compared with that thing what Guru gives to his disciple.

My Guru lifted me from darkness of ignorance, took my hand and leaded me towards the light of truth. What can be more valuable for me under this sky then all-absorbing mercy of Guru? My Mother and Father spared me and came to me in the form of my Teacher. My Guruji has changed all my life. Today I have the greatest treasure in this world it is endless mercy of my Guru.

All that I can offer to my Guruji it is my love and my Self as offering. That the only one valuable which is given to me here and now.

Iím writing thess words with all depth of my heart. Iím trying to express by these words all what I feel and that all what was opened to me and became part of me with coming of my Master in my life. Thatís my Guruji.

Along with these offering I also offer thousand bows to my dear Guruji Shri Yogesh in my meditation.