The Element That Governs

How does our mind work when we r asleep or in state of unconsciousness?

Mind is perhaps the most easy to experience manifestation of Maya or Shakti. The whole Universe is governed by Maya and it does not need any outer effort to do so. Same way the mind is an element that governs our existence. When I say mind, I do not mean the brain or the routine thought process which we do with efforts of thinking or calculating.  To understand this you will have to observe your Mano Vishva The World of Your Mind. You just sit calmly and observe your thoughts and inner visions. You will be surprised to know how many tracks are going on?!

Whether you are awake, sleeping or dreaming your mind is active. One may try to find out some kind of scientific explanations but according to me it is the basic nature of Maya that remains constantly active. As the Atma is a part of all pervading Paramatma BrahM, our mind is a part of the Maya. So it simply remains active in the harmony with its Universal Manifestation.

Most of the times we try to govern our Mind according to our desires, emotions and thoughts. Most of the time we break the Universal harmony. We disturb every thing there after.  

Serenity is the eternal state of the mind. Dhyana, Meditation, helps you in obtaining this serenity. Chanting some mantras also help you obtain serenity of mind. For this you need Guru. Guru who shows you a path. A path to a serene life. If you have mastered your mind you can see miracles happening. Your thoughts are completely controlled and in harmony with the Universal Energy of Shakti.

Mind is called the Aakash Tattva ( Element of Cosmos ) . It is boundary less and in complete harmony with the surrounding as cosmos. So start giving some more importance and attention to your mind. We spend lot of time and money for our physical fitness which is very essential but we hardly feel like doing some thing for our mind. When we feel too much down we run to a psychiatrist, but we never try  any thing to prevent the visit to a psychiatrist. We never put efforts to know our own mind. 

Start observing your own mind from this moment only. You will learn wonderful things.

May Shiv Shakti Bless You.

- Guruji Shri Yogesh

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