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Mumukshu : Are there any variations in BrahM Jnana?
Guruji         :


Mainly there are two variations in BrahM Jnana :

1.  Paroksh (Indirect) and

2.  Aparoksh (Direct) 

Paroksh (Indirect) BrahM Jnana :


When a seeker or disciple comes to know about BrahmaN from Guru it is Paroksh BrahM Jnana. He knows the Truth about BrahmaN but from the experience of other person, The Guru. In this kind of Brahm Jnana there is always a feeling of Dvaita (Duality). Like in Tatt Tvam Asi = That (BrahmaN) Is You (Atman of the Disciple). So the difference between the Seeker and BrahmaN is clearly defined here with Tatt (That) & Tvam (You). So here the relationship between the BrahmaN and Atman is known but not felt. So this is not complete self realization. 


Aparoksh (Direct) BrahM Jnana :


This is the condition when the Seeker or The Disciple Herself/Himself realizes that Her/His own self is BrahmaN. It is the moment of realization that “Aham BrahMasmi” – I am BrahmaN. This is the condition of feeling the Advaita (Nonduality). I am BrahmaN means there is no second as I am all pervading BrahmaN. So all is one. Because The One is in All. This is the moment of self realization. Moment of realizing Advaita.  But for this also the guidance and help of Guru is inevitable.


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