Shiv Shakti Kul

Shiv Shakti Kul is a spiritual family. The fundamental thought of

Shiv Shakti Kul is

– The Whole World is one family.

VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM - The Whole World is one family

We all have the same origin : ParaBrahman “Shiv” and Adi Shakti.

In spite of different languages, races, countries, religions and beliefs we all are one family.  

Philosophy of our family is very simple. There is only one God – ParaBrahman. He displays himself in the forms of other Gods. No matter which form of God the one will choose, his worship is accepted by Para BrahamaN.

The motive of Shiv Shakti Kul is to spread divine knowledge of Sanatan Dharma and work for the better quality of life. 

Every life is divine. If we understand our true value and strength we can say good bye to depression and drugs. 

We are committed to our families and society. We don’t want to run away from our duties. But we work towards a stress free life with the help of Spiritualism under the leadership or our Guruji.

Respect for parents, commitment to spouse, care for children, and work for society in harmony with Spiritual Upliftment – this is our way of life. 

Developing inner feelings of love to God, Devotion (Bhakti) and Knowledge ( Jnana ) is our way of spiritualism. No need for complicated rituals and methods, no need for reading a lot of philosophical books, the sole concentration is up on knowing our own self, knowing Atman, feeling The God.  

Simple actions of worship full of love and devotion can bring more results then the most complicated rituals and philosophy.

“Commitment to Guru, Love and Support to Each Other” is the fundamental understanding that makes a strong bound relationship in our family. Everybody is equally important and loved.

We want to share with others our way of life. May be it can help somebody in her/his own life.