The Master Of Moon God – Soma Naath

In the dawn of the creation, when Brahma wanted multiply population, he created sage Atri from his heart. With the creator’s consent, sage Atri went to the woods for performing a rigorous penance (Tapasya) called Anuttara for 3000 divine years. Owing to the power he developed through this penance the drops that were oozed out by his eyes became beacons to radiate all the directions. This radiance again coalesced to create the Soma or Moon. For welfare of entire world, Brahmaji established Soma (Moon) on his chariot. When the gods detected his brilliance hey began to hymn to him, which made him all the more radiant.he Moon used that very Tchariot

Chandra - Moon

 Бог Чандра "Луна"

for circumambulating the earth for 21 times. During this journey wherever his grace touched the earth, there grew up variety of herbs and cereals.

Then Somadeva performed a penance lasting for 10000 years to please Brahma as much as to make the creator appoint him the lord of all seeds, herbs, water and Brahmins. Thus Soma became the presiding deity of Brahmins and all the edible natural products of the earth.

It was on the advice of Brahma that Somadeva organized a Rajasooya Yagya to which all the gods, sages and seers were invited. When the ceremony concluded, Somadeva honoured each invitee with gifts. In return all the invitees also gave certain gifts to Soma. Daksha Prajapati became so pleased with the Monn (Somadeva) that he solemnized the marriage of all his 27 daughters with Somadeva – and their names are (the asterisms): Ashvini, Bharani, Krittika, Rohini, Nrigashira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Aashlesha, Hasta, Ardva, Nagha, Poorva-Phalguni, Uttara-Phalguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Swati, Vishakha, Moola, Jyeshtha, Poorvashadha, Uttaraashadha, Shrawan, Shatabhisha, Dhanishtha, Poorva-Bhadrapada, Uttara-Bhadrapada and Revati. Getting so much honour and rewards Somadeva developed some arrogance. This made him consider himself the super deity and neglect all other deities.

Chanda - Moon

One day Somadeva’s vile sight spotted Tara, the wife of divine Guru Brihaspati. Seeing him acting so immorally all started to condemn him. Although the gods impressed upon Soma to return Tara to Brihaspati, he didn’t heed. With the result, led by Indra, the gods attacked Soma, but they had to face a humiliating defeat as Somadeva had become very strong.

Following this defeat Indra sought advice from Shivji. Getting the Details Shiv, grew worth and riding his mount Nandi, left to teach Soma a lesson. Somadeva also came to the battlefield undaunted. Then Brahma advised him: “Son! Don’t be so adamant. Don’t you know Lord Shiv is the primal man? He is veritable Lord Almighty and can never be defeated. This your temerity may cause your doom. So you must peacefully return Tara to Brihaspati with due apologies. Lord Shiv is very kind-hearted. He will surely forgive your offence”.

Somadeva realized his folly and begged pardon from Lord Shiv and returned Tara to Brihaspati. But he had committed a great sin eloping with wife of his mentor. Hence he got afflicted with a consumptive disease and became lusterless. But the Moon’s losing his radiance created a furor on the earth, causing a disturbance in the natural order. All the sages, seers, gods, men and demons began to cry in distress.

Soma was also advised to seek shelter of Brahmaji and asked him to reveal as to how he could be cured. Brahmaji said that he had to bear consequences of his misdeed. However, only Lord Shiv could redeem him: “You should go to Prabhasa-Kshetra and chant Mahamritunjaya Mantra. Only his blessings can cure you”.   

Soma reached Prabhasa and established a Shiv Lingam on the shore to start his worship with the recommended Mantra. When he had chanted the Mantra 10 crore times, Lord Shiv appeared before him: “I am pleased with you. Have your boon. I shall grant it to you”.

Soma was delighted to have Lord Shiv before him. Chanting the Mahamritunjaya Mantra he hymned the Lord, and then said: “Lord, owing to my eloping with the Guru’s wife I have been afflicted with deadly consumptive disease. Please redeem me from this affliction”.

SomNath Shiv Lingam

Shri Somnath Lingam

Lord Shiv replied: “Soma! Every being has bear the consequences of his misdeeds. But since you have done a strict penance to please me, I grant you this boon that you shall alternatively wax and wane for fortnight. Thus you may lose your radiance for 15 days and gain it in the subsequent fortnight”.

Shiv Anurag with Guruji, Guruma,Guru Putra (Son)

Thus with Lord Shiv’s grace the Moon began to gain his lost energy. The spot where he had established the Lingam of Lord Shiv became famous as Someshwar (Lord of Soma) Teertha (Place Of Pilgrimage). It is believed that Shiv’s worship there cured the most deadly afflictions like tuberculosis and leprosy.  

Now it is known as Shri Somnath. Shri Smonath Temple is situated on the Western coast of India in Gujarat State, Saurashtra region. This place holds a great importance because of this Jyotir Linga known as Soma Naath (Master of the Moon God). The place where Bhagavan Shri Krishna was hit  by the arrow of a hunter named Jara. This place is near Prabhas Patan and known as Bhalaka Tirth. And the place where Shri Krishna left his body is known as Dehotsarga.  These two places are situated between Prabhas Patan (the main town) and Shri Somnath Temple. There is also the place where Bhagavan Parashuram ( one of the ten Avataras of Bhagavan Shri Vishnu ) had done his Penance ( Tapasya ). This place is known as Shri Parshuram TapoBhumi.

Shiv Anurag with Guruji, Guruma,Guru Putra (Son)  
Shri Dehotsarga Monument Shri Geeta Mandir at Dehotsarga

Jara the Hunter and Shri Krishna “Bhalaka Tirth”

Shri Dehotsarga Monument

Shri Geeta Mandir at Dehotsarga

Jara the Hunter and Shri Krishna in his Shri Narayana form “Bhalaka Tirth”


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