What is  Spiritualism ?


Spiritual means something relating with the spirit - the soul (Atman), in Sanskrit it is called Adhyatmik (Adhi + Atmik = pertaining to Soul). These are lingual definitions which you can find in dictionaries.


 But if we want to recognize its importance, it can be said that,




When does a person starts walking on this path?


 Many of you must have thought at some point of life “Who am I?”


If you have not thought about this, give it a thought today. The day you think about it, you take your first step for a spiritual journey. And when you start searching for the answer you start entering the unexplored zones of your own self.


Guru – your spiritual guide.


 This is the time when you need a Guru, your spiritual guide. Some one who has walked much ahead on this path. Remember, a Guru is not someone who mesmerizes you with miracles; That is something a magician can also do. A magician can bring ashes from nothing, or show you something coming out of his empty hand. These are tricks. Remember the laws of nature are set by The PaR BrahM – The Almighty God. A flower blossoming or a child taking birth are the miracles performed by The God. Nothing can match the miracle of Spring after Autumn, small seeds growing into giant trees… NO, nobody can match the miracles performed by the almighty. A real Guru will never try to impress a crowd with magical gimmicks.  A Guru gives knowledge. If your Guru’s blessings do something good for you it is the almighty, the divine element of the almighty in your Guru, which acts.  

 Different Paths – which to select?


 There are lot many   paths, sects of religions, which should be selected? This can be very confusing.  But remember, if you really want to reach your goal, all the spiritual paths lead you to the same origin – The BrahmaN.


 As every drop of water that falls from the sky travels towards ocean, in various forms of springs, puddles, rivers etc. every sect or spiritual path takes you to the BrahmaN.


 Everybody has a different kind of inclination, various kinds of likings. Some one is attracted towards Bhagavan Krishna; Some one is attracted towards Shri Ram or Shri Shiv or Bhgavati Jagadambika or Mahakali or Maha Lakshmi. Some one may feel a strong devotion for Shri Ganesh or Shri Kartikeya. But remember in all the forms the BrahmaN has displayed himself. Like wherever the rain water falls its origin is Ocean. Ocean is the place from where the clouds are formed.


 You may have devotion for any form of God, ultimately you worship the BrahM. Your Guru can guide you step by step towards the final destination.

 This is the beginning of our spiritual bridge.  

May Shiv Shakti Bless Us All.

May all be happy.

May all be healthy.

May there be peace everywhere.

ll Aum Shanti:, Shanti:, Shanti: ll


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