Why Spiritualism ?


   We often talk about spiritualism, religion or belief.

But why do we need it? What is spiritualism?

Actually if you sit quietly for a while and think, you will be surprised that we all have one question in the depth of our mind.

“ Who are we?” or “ Who am I?”

The quest for the answer to this question drives us on the path of spiritualism.

 Who are we?

 Is it the physical body?

 The conscious?

 The Mind? 

The Soul?

 Do we really know ourselves?

 Well, these are the questions not answered easily by anybody in our lifetime.

 But, we want to know it.


 By reading religious texts?

 Or philosophical articles? 


 None takes us to the answer.

We have to find the answer by ourselves with the help of a Guru.

 The quest for this answer is very well depicted into Upanishadas.

 As it is mentioned in the beginning of BrahM Sutra.

Awtae äü ij}asa .

 “Athato Brahm Jignasa”

 From here we start our journey to self – realisation.

 The Curiosity to know our self, our CREATORBRAHM.                

Here I would like to put these questions before you : 

  1. Have you actually ever thought,  “ WHO AM I?

  2. If ‘YES’ than what have you derived?

  3. If ‘NO’ than do you think about it now?

  4. What do you think you will do to find the answer?

Sarve Sukhino Bhavantu  - may all be happy.

- Guruji Shri Yogesh

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